Palestinian foreign ministry condemns Israel’s calls to demolish Jerusalem walls

Ramallah, The Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned Israeli calls aimed to demolish the Jerusalem walls, as well as plans of the extremist settlement organizations targeting the old city and its sanctities.

In a press statement on Sunday, the ministry urged Arab and Muslim countries to deal seriously with these Israeli plans and violations in Jerusalem.

The ministry also called on the implementation of the resolutions of the Arab and Islamic summits on Jerusalem, a step of great importance at this particular stage, especially with regard to supporting steadfastness of Jerusalem’s citizens to counter forced displacement.

The Israeli occupation authorities, and the extremist settlement organizations in Jerusalem continue their open war to Judaize the holy city amid escalating calls by the Israeli right wing and their extremist supporters to accelerate implementation of their settlement plans in the occupied Jerusalem, and to change the historical, legal and cultural reality imposed by the occupying power, the ministry’s statement pointed out.

Source: Jordan News Agency