Palestine calls for international protection from Israeli assaults

settlement activity and demanded that the UN Security Council break silence and take its moral and legal responsibility to protect the Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

The ministry said in a statement that the inflammatory proclamations made by the ruling right-wing coalition in Israel against the Palestinian people and leadership are on the rise, as the “open war” on the ground is being waged by the Israeli occupation forces against defenseless Palestinians across the occupied territories.

The ministry stressed that the American “blind” bias towards the Israelis constitutes an umbrella to the ruling right-wing in Israel led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to push forward with its colonialist and racist schemes and pursue mass punishment, ethnic cleansing and expulsion of Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem and elsewhere.

Such practices, it said, also include intensified arbitrary arrest campaigns, assassinations, house demolitions, roadblocks and turning the occupied West Bank into a big prison in addition to other violations that grossly contradict the international law and Geneva Conventions.

The ministry called on the International Criminal Court and concerned international organizations to swiftly probe “the Israeli crimes and hold the war criminals accountable”.

Source: Jordan News Agency