Over 50pct of Jordanians in favor of winter, summer time changeover – Poll

About 61 percent of Jordanians are in favor of keeping the winter/ summer clock changeover, while 25 percent are in favor of keeping the daylight saving time, and only 11 percent are in favor of keeping the winter time year-round, a recent poll indicated.


The University of Jordan’s Center for Strategic Studies conducted an opinion poll during the September 26 – October 2 period, on a national sample that is representative and comprehensive of all governorates, regions, ages, and educational groups, in addition to a sample representing high school students.


Other topics that the poll looked into were whether or not the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination, known locally as Tawjihi, is a true and fair measurement of students’ academic abilities, to which 38 percent of responders answered positively, while 46 others responded negatively citing the immense psychological pressure Tawjihi places on students.


Meanwhile, 47 percent of responders said they believe that the future of the younger generation should not be entirely dependent on the examinations, as more than a third of Jordanian students demanded to nix the exam altogether and find alternatives.


Source: Jordan News Agency