Omari: Petra key witness to Jordan media development

Director General of the Jordan News Agency (Petra) Mohammed Omari said that Petra is keen to be in line with all new developments in the media field by automating its work and applying various modern technologies.

He added in a statement to Jordan Radio on the 49th anniversary of the establishment of Petra, that the agency is a key witness to the various stages of development of the Jordanian media sector, noting that Petra is “a house of expertise and professionalism”.

Omari added that State Minister for Media Affairs and official government spokesperson Jumana Ghneimat launched the Agency’s new website on its 49th anniversary, which was developed by Petra’s cadres, stressing the agency’s keenness to provide accurate and credible information at local and global levels.

Omari said that Petra’s daily bulletin includes more than 160 news items in Arabic, 30 news items in English and 60 photos ,covering local, Arab and international events.

Source: Jordan News Agency