Odeibat highlights key role of care, rehabilitation centres in community service

General Union of Charitable Societies chairman Atef Odeibat on saturday stressed the role of care and rehabilitation centers in community development.

He said during a visit to the Al Boqai World for Rehabilitation and Comprehensive Care that the services it offers in the field of hand therapy have achieved remarkable successes through the treatment of multiple incurable diseases, urging support of such centres.

Odeibat expressed his pride in such centres that use hand treatment without resorting to surgery or drugs, pledging support of services provided by the centre and its plans to carry out its charitable, humanitarian and societal mission.

Director of the centre, Mohammad Al-Boqai said the centre treats intractable and incurable cases, noting the significant improvements in treatments and citing success stories, including Abdul Rahman Al-Ajmi, a child from Kuwait who suffered from asphyxia, cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, fatigue and the inability to see and speak as a result of the removal of brain tumors.

He said that the centre is open to partnership with various national institutions and associations to provide better services and start various medical care and rehabilitation programmes, urgimg authorities to highlight the center’s successes in treating patients from inside and outside Jordan.

Source: Jordan News Agency