No radiation leak at research reactor, says commission

Amman, A team of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) said after visiting the Nuclear Research and Training Reactor at the University of Science and Technology campus on Monday that it had detected no leaks after verifying safety and security regulations at the facility.

The team, led by commission Board of Commissioners member Majd Hawari, toured the reactor and examined the radiometric measurement levels in the control room and on the surface of the pond of the reactor, which produces pharmaceutical and radioactive isotopes and is used to train Jordanian nuclear engineers.

“After the periodic verification of the reactor, the team found that the radiation levels at the reactor are within the background radiation natural and match those outside the reactor”, Hawari said, stressing that no radiation exists at the site.

He said that the EMRC is the regulatory authority in charge of all nuclear radiation activities in the Kingdom, and that it had secured the necessary legislation to ensure the safety and security of the reactor, the world’s most modern facility, which was built on scientific basis in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and nuclear club countries.

EMRC Board of Commissioners Chairman Farouk Heyari said that the regulatory body had been following up on the reactor’s work since it was launched in 2009 as a project, and had followed the stages of its construction and operation through a law, set of regulations and documents that govern radiation and nuclear activity in the Kingdom, including the research reactor.

Source: Jordan News Agency