No new COVID-19 cases, Health Ministry confirms

The Ministry of Health (MoH), Tuesday, confirmed that there are no new cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in the Kingdom, except only case announced earlier, noting that the patient is recovering and will be discharged from hospital when he is fully recovered.

The MoH highlighted, in its daily briefing to media on dealing with the emerging virus in Jordan, the 79 cases currently in quarantine. They are people who had arrived in Jordan from regions where the virus is reported.

The total number of cases that were under quarantine and then left after spending 14 days and tested negative for the virus stood at 227, the Ministry explained.

The Ministry drew attention to the new measures taken today in the Kingdom related to travel restrictions, which include suspending travel to and from Lebanon and Syria, excluding commercial trucks. Other border crossing will also be closed to traffic, with the exception of commercial trucks and the movement of official delegations.

The measures also included, according to the briefing, not to allow arrivals from France, Germany and Spain to enter Jordan as of next Monday, and not to allow Jordanians to travel there, to close waterways with Egypt, and to reduce the number of aircraft arriving from the North African country by 50 percent, while allowing commercial traffic.

The measures also included suspending the movement of passengers to and from Iraq, while allowing commercial traffic and the entry of official delegations. The Baghdad and Erbil airports are the only ones approved for travel.

Jordanians coming from the countries mentioned will be allowed to enter the Kingdom provided they go through precautionary and safety measures followed by the MoH, chief of which is to be under a 14-day self-quarantine.

Governmental decisions excluded diplomatic missions, international organizations, and foreign investors and residents in the Kingdom when applying these measures, provided that they abide by the precautionary measures followed by the Ministry of Health.

The decisions also included suspending international and local conferences in Jordan except for what is permitted by the Council of Ministers, at a time when these decisions will be reviewed whenever the need arises.

The measures also included stopping external school trips, suspending the travel of employees abroad except for utmost necessity and the approval of the Council of Ministers, and stopping the movement of foreign tourist groups between Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

The Ministry called on citizens to call the toll-free number of the MoH for inquiries and medical advise about COVID-19.

The MoH urged on citizens to contact them at “065004545 // 0778410186 // 111” for any inquiries about the virus.

Source: Jordan News Agency