National Coalition for Economic Institutions suspends participation in Wednesday’s strike

A number of professional associations, societies, commissions and unions under the umberella of National Coalition for Economic Institutions, late Monday, announced suspension of participation in a strike planned to be held tomorrow .

A statement by the coalition said that His Majesty’s remarks to media leaders on Monday are considered as a roadmap for the coming phase, and express hope for a radical change in the performance of the new government to revive the economy and protect the poor and middle class and correct mistakes and address shortcomings of previous governments.

The resignation of al-Mulki’s government and the Senate’s recommendation to His Majesty to reject or withdraw the “Income Tax Law” from the Parliament have encouraged us to temporarily put on hold our participation in the strike, until the new government announce its program and abide by the demands of the coalition.

The statement urged members of trade unions, associations and societies throughout the Kingdom to suspend their protest and sit-ins planned to be carried Wednesday, stressing at the same time the coalition will not abandon or compromise demands it announced from the beginning.

“Our country needs a courageous stance of every citizen and the recent developments require that we should all stand in solidarity with our country and behind the King who stood by the will of the people, ” the statement added.

Several professional associations, earlier this week, expressed their readiness to take part in a strike protesting the law following a call by the Professional Associations Council on Saturday.

Source: Jordan News Agency