Ministerial team, teachers syndicate sit for dialogue

Amman, Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, described the meeting held Wednesday at the Ministry of Education between a ministerial team and a number of members of the Jordan Teachers Syndicate to end the strike as “important.”

After attending part of the meeting, Razzaz said the dialogue that took place was “positive and constructive,” and stems from all parties’ commitment to sitting for talks and to serve the best interests of both teachers and students, as well as to improve the living conditions of teachers and the quality of education.

He considered that this step is “very important and we hope that dialogue will lead to a breakthrough.”

The government team included Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education, Walid Maani, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Tariq Hammouri, Minister of Political and Parliamentary Development, Musa Maaitah, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson, Jumana Ghunaimat.

The meeting came at the invitation of Minister of Education and Minister Higher Education, Walid Maani, to discuss the latest developments on the teachers’ strike.

Source: Jordan News Agency