Mideast won’t enjoy security as long as Israel violates int’l law, says House Speaker

Amman, Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Atef Tarawneh on Sunday said the Middle East will not enjoy security or stability as long as Israeli continues to violate international law and attack the Palestinian people.

The House Speaker denounced the announcement by the Israeli prime minister to impose Israeli sovereignty over the Palestinian territory of the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea and annex illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

During a meeting with German parliamentarians Alexander Graf Lambsdorff and Olaf in der Beek as well the German ambassador in Amman, Tarawneh said any attempt to impose new facts on the groundm will not be accepted, warning that the House will not hesitate to pressure the government to revisit Jordan’s peace pact with Israel.

Speaking on another issue, the House Speaker thanked Germany for its support of the Kingdom and the assistance it provides to help the Kingdom grapple with the Syrian refugee crisis.

Source: Jordan News Agency