Meeting urges sustained UNRWA education, health services

The Amman Chamber of Commerce recently held a meeting with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East (UNRWA) Director of Operations in Jordan, Roger Davies, to discuss sustaining the refugee agency’s services.

The meeting, attended by HRH Prince Al Hassan Bin Talal and economists and businessmen, discussed the importance of maintaining the sustainability of UNRWA services for Palestinian refugees and strengthening its status, according to a press release.

The participants called on the private sector in Arab and world countries to enhance UNRWA’s role through developing the infrastructure of the Agency’s educational and health facilities, establishing and developing libraries and providing computers and information technology to continue its work.

They also urged support for UNRWA schools and health centers and donations to supply educational facilities with solar energy to reduce the electricity bill, which amounts to about one million dollars annually.

The statement expressed hope for increased voluntary contributions to the refugee agency from governmental donors, the European Union, regional governments, other UN agencies, international NGOs, large multinationals and individuals, noting the important role of UNRWA in supporting Palestinian refugees and its contribution to economic development, creating jobs and providing free health and education services that help to boost regional stability.

UNRWA runs 171 schools in Jordan that provide education to 172,000 male and female students and 4,000 professional trainees, 25 health centers serving about 1.6 million people and also has 7,000 employees.

Source: Jordan News Agency