Media Minister: Opening of new sectors suspended due to spike in Covid-19 infections

Minister of State for Media Affairs and official government spokesman Ali Al-Ayed Saturday announced that opening any new sectors is suspended in light of a surge in coronavirus infections and the positivity rates of tests.


The high level committee dealing with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic this evening held a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh to assess the epidemiological situation, which is witnessing a spike in infection numbers and PCR positivity rates as well as a rise in deaths, particularly from the new variant, which especially spreads fast in gatherings, Al-Ayed said.


The committee was unanimous not to reopen any additional sectors at present and to continue assessing the epidemiological situation, he said.


The media minister said that the panel will remain convening in a regular session to study the recommendations of the National Committee for Epidemics, and that any developments or measures taken will be announced in due time.


The Ministry of Education has suspended for one week the return of the second batch of students in the tenth and eleventh grades to classrooms and ordered that they continue distant learning. It also said that mixed in-class and remote education will continue for students in the first three grades, 2nd Secondary (Tawjihi) students and kindergartens, according to a plan announced previously by the ministry.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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