Mauritania to benefit from the country’s census expertise

Amman-Department of Statistics (DoS) Director, Qasem Zu’bi, on Tuesday held talks with visiting Mauritanian Economics and Finance Ministry delegation, headed by Mohammed Al-Amin Ahmad.

Zu’bi, during the meeting, voiced the need to foster cooperation in the census fields at the pan-Arab level, and said the DoS is keen to offer its “entrepreneurial expertise” in serving the relevant Mauritanian census activities.

He highlighted the DoS’s record in on-field data collection, which spares time, effort and cost and fosters quality, direct on-site surveillance, and emergence of censual outputs in the diverse spheres.

” This expertise is helpful in forging strategies and conducting surveys for the descion-makers,” he pointed out.

The Mauritanian official, on his part, said the delegation’s current visit aims to benefit from the Kingdom’s longstanding enumeration operations.

He added census development initiatives help launch plans to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Source: Jordan News Agency