Maliki commends Arab’s rejection to eliminate Palestine cause

Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyadh al-Maliki, Sunday lauded the firm and principled Arab positions that support the Palestinians and their legitimate rights and reject the suspicious conspiracies that aim to target the Arab’s most important cause. Al-Maliki singled out the honorable and courageous positions of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states that support the Palestinian people at all forums.

The principled and resolved Arab positions reaffirm the important Arab role that is committed to the Arab summits’ resolutions that challenge all schemes that aim to prolong Israeli occupation and the elimination of the Palestinian cause, he added.

“Both Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, and his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Safadi, expressed their countries’ position in rejecting any offer that detracts the Arab initiatives, which adopt the two-state solution to establish a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital,”.

Moreover, the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel Al-Jubeir, reaffirmed his country’s position that the establishment of a Palestinian state on the borders of 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital is a resolved principle, adding that the Deal of the Century doesn’t concern us as their should be a just solution to the Palestinian issue. The American approach that is completely biased towards Israel is an Israeli recipe to eliminate the Palestinian cause and degrade it as an international and regional priority.

Source: Jordan News Agency