Madrasati initiative, Education Ministry launch the Erasmus+ eTwinning Project in Jordan

Amman Further to the already well-developed cooperation in the field of higher education under the Erasmus+ programme, Madrasati Initiative, one of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s initiatives, has signed a cooperation agreement with the European Commission to implement the Erasmus+ eTwinning project in the Kingdom.

Funded under the Erasmus+ programme, the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020, eTwinning is the largest community of teachers and schools in the world. Through the use of a highly secured online platform, over 13 years, eTwinning has connected more than 570,000 teachers and 190,000 schools across Europe and in EU Neighbouring countries. eTwinning supports school collaboration projects and provides teachers and other school staff with professional development opportunities and tools for exchange of experiences.

Through the partnership between Madrasati initiative and the Ministry of Education, and starting as of the current academic year, the project will be implemented in 52 public and private schools in most of the governorates in the Kingdom.

The commencement of the project involved intensive workshops for participating teachers on project-based learning over the period of three days in February. Moreover, local learning communities meetings were held in the North, Central, and Southern regions of the Kingdom aimed at providing teachers participating in the project with the opportunity to share their success stories and their accomplishments throughout the semester. Teachers expressed their gratitude for being part of the eTwinning Project, helping them acquire new skills and expanding their knowledge, as well as enhancing their collaboration skills and self-reliance.

“What distinguishes this project is the cultural variety, and the integration of technology and knowledge in an innovative way” commented Tala Sweis, the Director of Madrasati Initiative. “Today, modern technology has become a cornerstone in developing our educational system and enhancing the 21st Century Skills”, she added. Ambassador Andrea Matteo Fontana, Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan commented “The European Union is committed to continue supporting the improvement of the quality of education in Jordan. The European Commission, therefore, welcomes the participation of Jordan in eTwinning. This will enhance possibilities for teachers and schools both in Europe and Jordan to participate in enriching projects. The virtual exchanges between schools, classes and pupils will enhance intercultural exchanges with a positive impact on many pupils both in Europe and Jordan. We are convinced that with the support of the Ministry and the European Commission, eTwinning can be implemented in many schools in the country, providing a unique support for education and dialogue”. Also Mr. Nabeer Bostanji, MOE representative stated that “eTwinning Project enhances teachers’ capacity building and reveals their creativity, eTwinning is an opportunity to empower Jordan globally.” eTwinning is an interactive learning program targeting schools’ teachers and pupils of all age groups, raising awareness and opening dialogue channels between European countries and (through eTwinning Plus) several countries in the EU neighbourhood, including Jordan. Integrating innovative technology into the learning process, pupils in Jordan and their peers in Europe along with their teachers meet over the eTwinning Platform, a highly secured website, to learn about each other’s cultures, and discuss their similarities and differences. The project involves interactive online activities held by teachers and their students on both ends, breaking the traditional methods and making learning more interactive through project based learning. These experiences improve pedagogical skills of teachers and pupils such as languages, sense of initiative, solving problems and other skills required in the 21st century and contribute to intercultural exchanges with a very positive impact on many pupils.

Madrasati Initiative was launched by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah in 2008. It aims to improve the educational environment in a number of Ministry of Education schools in Jordan by reforming the infrastructure of these schools and implementing a range of educational programs student activities and programs in addition to empowering teachers with quality learning tools to improve outcomes, empowering students with the life skills necessary to open new horizons for their future, and to make a positive impact on their behavior and ensure sustainability.

Source: Jordan News Agency