Labour minister, ALO chief discuss cooperation

Cairo, Minister of Labour Samir Murad and Director-General of the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) Fayez Al-Mutairi Monday discussed prospects of cooperation between the two sides, as well as issues pertaining to workers and employment.

The meeting, held on the sideline of Arab Labor Conference currently underway in Cairo, Egypt, touched on the important role played by the ALO in consolidating employers’ efforts at the Arab and international levels, a move that would further develop Arab workforce and upgrade productivity efficiency.

” Promoting vocational training is a top priority in Jordan as significant steps were taken to reform this vital sector and take it to the next level by empowering Jordanian youths in collaboration with the private sector”, said Murad.

For his part, Al-Mutairi underscored the need to foster cooperation between the ALO and workers, employers and governments in light of current regional conditions which require further coordination to achieve sustainable development.

Source: Jordan News Agency