Labor ministry, army detail military service program….1st and final add

Conscripts will be chosen from different governorates to be trained at different sites, Batayneh added, noting that they will be given JOD 100 monthly during the military service period.


The Labor Minister pointed out that the instructions for recruitment at the Civil Service Bureau will be amended, so that points will be added for conscripts.


On reasons behind considering the 25-29 age group a priority, he said that the rate of change in economic activity is larger than that of other age groups meaning that becoming economically inactive is a greater possibility for them, in addition to the high unemployment rates among this age group.


Regarding the structure and two paths of the program, Batayneh said that the program includes a 3-month military training period, including two weeks community service, under the direct supervision of the armed forces. Conscripts will stay at the military base and be given a leave for one weekend every month, he added.


After the military training, conscripts will be divided according to the needs of practical training opportunities into two tracks, the first track is preparatory training, which includes training in preparatory skills for the labor market, and training in the workplace for a period of 9 months, and the second track is vocational or technical training in addition to on-the-job training for a period of 9 months, and in this case dual training for a period of 9 months will be applied.


Batayneh underlined that the decision to reintroduce was made after in-depth studies following royal directives issued months ago.


On the difference between the Banner Service and the Khidmat Watan program, the minister said that the latter is optional, noting that in the future only females will be allowed to enlist in this program in cooperation with the Public Security Department.


Some 5,000 young men will be conscripted in the first batch for this current year, and 15,000 for 2021, Batayneh stated, adding that the government and the army will gradually increase the capacity.


Detailing the military service, Shdeifat said that military service law and its amendments and other military laws, regulations and instructions, including the Military Penal Code, and its health insurance will be applied to conscripts during this period.


He pointed out that a military appointment certificate will be given to conscripts in place of identification documents and the provisions of the Social Security Law will be apply in the event of an injury due to or during service.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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