Labor minister stresses importance of providing appropriate workplace for youth

Minister of Labor, Nayef Stitieh, stressed the importance of empowering young people and providing a suitable work environment for them, in a bid to stimulate Jordanians to join the various industrial sectors.

During a dialogue session organized by Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) on proposals to achieve objectives of National Employment Programme (‘Tashgheel’ ), on Thursday, Stitieh pointed to the importance of holding discussions with the Kingdom’s various 14 sectoral councils.

The ministry has launched 4 new sectoral bodies to employ the largest number of Jordanian workers, he noted.

The ministry, he said, is ready to contract institutions and factories to train local workers on production lines, with the aim of generating job opportunities for Jordanians, reviving vocational training centers, in partnership with the private sector.

Stitieh said the ministry is also ready to launch the necessary training programs to supply the national labor market with skilled workers to replace expat workers.

Noting important role of Jordan’s industrial sector, he said efforts should focus on increasing national exports and upgrading competitiveness level in the Jordanian labor market, with the aim of generating new job opportunities and reducing unemployment rates among youth.

Joint efforts, which produced Tashgheel program, represent response to His Majesty King Abdullah II’s directives to provide job opportunities for young people, he said, calling on industrial sector’s leaders to find appropriate solutions to employ Jordanian workers.

For his part, ACI head, Fathi Jaghbir, said the industrial sector employs the highest number of Jordanian workers, adding that any decision aimed to enhance its competitiveness would increase its capability to generate more job opportunities, which would reduce unemployment rates.

ACI supports Tashgheel program and is ready to respond to any government initiative or decision that contributes to providing new job opportunities for Jordanians, adding that percentage of expat workers in the industrial sector stands at 9% of its total workforce

Source: Jordan News Agency