King orders halt to tax increase on medicines

Under the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the decision to increase the general tax on the medicines will be halted and the government will take all administrative and legal measures to implement the royal directive, Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki announced Wednesday.

The new announcement comes in line with the government’s commitment to the King’s directives “not to add further burden sick people and their families with additional financial strain. The decision takes into consideration supporting and protecting the low-and middle class segments, which were addressed by the government through the Social Safety Net /cash subsidy with the value of JD171 million, listed in the 2018 budget law.

The Ministry of Finance has started disbursing direct cash support to the National Aid Fund, the military and civilian consumer corporations each with the value of JD10 million as well as the National School Meals Program with JD5 million, al-Mulki explained.” On Tuesday, the premier added, the ministry has also started disbursing full cash subsidy of JD27 per each member of the families of Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army’s and security agencies personnel, along with the JD33 for beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund. As of today, the ministry will start disbursing cash subsidies to other beneficiaries working at ministries and public institutions, as well as retirees respectively.

Other segments will also receive subsidy allocations include heads of households employed in private sector facilities that have more than 300 employees, whom have submitted online application to benefit from the government’s financial support within one month of accepting their applications as one annual installment.

Source: Jordan News Agency