King meets political, economic, and media figures

Amman, His Majesty King Abdullah, accompanied by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, met on Sunday with local political, economic and media figures at Basman Palace to discuss domestic and regional concerns.

During the meeting, King Abdullah emphasised that the top priority is to reduce unemployment rates and enhance people’s living standards.

His Majesty stressed the importance of seizing economic opportunities, removing obstacles facing local and foreign investors, and speeding up the procedures required to enable them to launch their projects.

The King called for having clear priorities for the years ahead, within an economic strategy that stimulates investment and bolsters exports and economic competitiveness.

Moreover, His Majesty urged an effective partnership between government and Parliament to improve people’s living standards and enhance public engagement in decision-making.

The King called for empowering youth and nurturing their sense of innovation, especially as they seek to establish small- and medium-sized enterprises.

His Majesty noted the need to continue efforts to increase job opportunities for young people, and invest in agriculture, energy and medical, religious and adventure tourism.

Stressing the significance of effective public-private partnership, the King said strategies should be transformed into concrete and transparent action in partnership with all.

Discussing efforts to combat corruption, His Majesty said Jordan is forging ahead in this endeavour, with the rule of law as the guarantor. Additionally, the King noted that the interest of students should always be the goal and the focal point of responsible dialogue.

His Majesty also stressed the influence of media and opinion leaders on national issues by leading constructive debate to offer opportunities and solutions. The King said all must raise awareness and inspire a sense of positivity, while highlighting the facts to the public.

Turning to the Palestinian cause, His Majesty reaffirmed Jordan’s steadfast and clear position in support of the Palestinians as they seek their just and legitimate rights, and the establishment of their independent state on the 4 June 1967 lines, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the basis of the two-state solution.

On the sidelines of the upcoming UN General Assembly meetings in New York, the King said he will meet with a number of international leaders and officials to reiterate Jordan’s steadfast position on the Palestinian cause, stressing that “it is our duty to stand with our Palestinian brethren”.

His Majesty said Jordan has strong, brotherly ties with Arab countries, highlighting economic cooperation with Iraq. Sunday’s meeting is in line with the King’s ongoing outreach to various groups and figures to discuss issues of national concern.

For their part, the attendees said the government should adopt plans with clear timeframes to address economic conditions, stressing the need to work towards self-reliance while ensuring stability in investment-related legislation.

They commended His Majesty’s directives to the government, at a recent Cabinet meeting, to clarify programmes and plans and reach clear results by the end of the year.

The attendees also called for enhancing trust between officials and citizens, improving health and education services, countering poverty and unemployment, capitalising on opportunities in tourism and agriculture, investing in technical and vocational education, and promoting a culture of self-employment.

They stressed the need to counter rumours with facts and accurate information, noting the role of the media in oversight and constructive criticism while spreading a sense of positivity.

Turning to the teachers’ protest, the attendees urged calm and dialogue rather than escalatory measures that harm society.

Royal Hashemite Chief Yousef Issawi, Adviser to His Majesty for Communication and Coordination Bisher Khasawneh, and Adviser to His Majesty for Policies and Media Kemal Al Nasser attended the meeting.

Source: Jordan News Agency