King meets Mubadara House bloc members, affirms important role of blocs in developing political, partisan life

Amman, His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday stressed the need to clarify to Jordanians the priorities and programmes planned to take Jordan to the future, politically, economically, and socially.

Speaking during a meeting at Al Husseiniya Palace with the president and members of the House of Representatives’ Mubadara bloc, King Abdullah stressed the importance of clear and realistic platforms for parliamentary blocs to meet people’s aspirations and needs.

His Majesty explained that parliamentary blocs have an important role in the development of political and partisan life, which is necessary for the future of Jordan.

The King noted that Mubadara bloc, which includes 14 MPs, is engaging citizens with political, economic and social programmes, which is a cornerstone for parliamentary blocs’ success and for establishing political parties.

His Majesty stressed the importance of setting political, economic and social priorities and working in partnership with the public and private sectors to deal with the challenges facing the Kingdom.

The King pointed out that his discussion papers outlined a vision for the development of political life, including the importance of building platform-based blocs that represent citizens in all regions of the Kingdom.

While His Majesty affirmed the importance of working together with the government to serve the public interest, and the need for cooperation and coordination with public institutions, he also stressed the importance of monitoring the government’s’ performance.

The King said Jordan needs two to five political parties representing the right, left, and centre, as is the case in many countries.

The meeting also covered a number of domestic and regional issues, with His Majesty emphasising the negative repercussions of regional crises on Jordan’s economy and the standard of living.

For his part, MP Ibrahim Bani Hani, who chairs the bloc, said Mubadara is working with the government to address specific issues in the health, agriculture, energy, and transport sectors.

Bani Hani added that the bloc is also working on issues related to political parties and the rights of children of Jordanian women married to non-Jordanians.

Royal Hashemite Court Chief Yousef Issawi and Adviser to His Majesty and Director of the Office of His Majesty Manar Dabbas attended the meeting, which is part of a series of meetings the King is holding with representatives of various sectors.

Source: Jordan News Agency