King Abdullah’s Vision Conference kicks off Wednesday

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Wednesday sponsored the international conference dubbed “King Abdullah’s Vision – A Roadmap towards the State of Citizenship and Society’s Advancement,” at Petra University with the participation of several academics, politicians and youth.

Razzaz underlined the importance of the Royal Discussion Papers and said tackle key issues, including but not limited to, legislative institutions, the 3 branches of government, the society’s role and activating the role of the youth, the state of law.

Razzaz said that a strong country is the one that seeks to ensure a fair application of the law, adding: ” A strong society is not one that rides roughshod on the law or where groups infringe on one another. A strong society is one that is aware of its rights and duties and aspires to develop a law through the legislative institutions if it deems unfit.”

Source: Jordan News Agency