JUMCO factory produces 20kg of yellow cake

The Jordan Uranium Mining Company (JUMCO) announced Thursday that a new operational factory produced about 20Kg of yellow cake from 160 tons of uranium ore.

The JUMCO General Director Muhammad Shunnaq said that the factory is set to produce tens of kilograms of yellow cake, a mainstay of industrial production, after processing hundreds of tons of uranium ore over the next few months. He underscored that the production stages were carried out in accordance with international standards, specifically the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

This achievement, he added, is due to the company’s team efforts over the past few years, which has enabled it to obtain the necessary data, measurements and engineering designs and the cost of production.

Shunnaq indicated that the company has created a physical preparatory lab and specialized mining and analytical labs on the company’s field site to conduct experiments and research.

Founded in 2013, the JUMCO has worked to increase operations to explore, mine, and exploit sources of nuclear materials in the central area of the Kingdom in accordance with the Joint Ore Reserves Committee requirements. It issued three reports to pinpoint the amount of uranium in Jordan, which is estimated at 41,000 tons of uranium oxide (U3O8) at a concentration rate of 150 parts per million.

Source: Jordan News Agency