JSF: Teachers’ pay hike demand not “practical”

Amman, The 50-percent pay raise the Jordan Teachers Syndicate demands is not practical and risks deepening an already-swelling budget deficit, the Jordan Strategies Forum (JSF) said on Wednesday.

In the wake of a nationwide teachers strike, now in its fourth day, the think-tank issued a paper addressing the syndicate’s demand, stressing that any pay hike should in the first place be linked to performance and more importantly take into account the budget deficit and available provisions.

The JSF said the 50-percent pay raise would cost the budget an additional JOD120-140 million annually, adding that the state’s post-foreign assistance budget deficit was about JOD727 million in 2018.

The paper noted that the education ministry, the biggest public sector employer of around 87,000 teachers, spends about 85 percent or JOD737 million of its JOD874 million on wages and salaries.

Source: Jordan News Agency