JPMC 2019 output up 1.2 tons, says chairman

The Jordan Phosphates Mines Company (JPMC) has announced that its total production of phosphate ores jumped by 1.2 million tons in 2019 surging to 9.231 million tons against 8.022 in 2018.

The company’s chairman, Mohammad Thneibat, said in a statement on Monday that the firm’s sales also soared by one million tons to 9.073 million tons from 8.062 million tons in 2018. He also noted that the Indo-Jordan Chemicals Company (IJCC), a fully-owned subsidiary of the JPMC, hit an all-time high of phosphoric acid production in 2019 at 260,361 tons.

According to Thneibat, the Jordan India Fertilizer Company, another JPMC subsidiary, saw its production of phosphoric acid expanding to 491,950 tons in 2019 compared with 476,200 tons a year earlier.

The figures reflect an ambition plan the JPMC has put in place to increase its gross output of phosphate ores to 10 million tons. Thneibat stressed that the plan pursues a better utilization of assets and reduced operating costs while upgrading operations and expanding product portfolio.

Source: Jordan News Agency