Jordan’s pavilion attracts visitors’ interest at Kuwait Expo 2018

Jordan’s pavilion at the Kuwait Expo 2018 achieved success and became the best participating platform which brought diverse products together in attractive and creative ways that appeal to reach potential customers.

“Jordan’s participation in the fair caught visitors’ attention which reflects industrial efficiency and quality of made-in-Jordan products and their ability to compete in world markets”, said Raed Abu Saada, Director-General of International Promoters Company (IPCO). This year’s five-day exhibition was organized by the IPCO with the support of the Jordan Investment Commission and the Amman Chamber of Industry.

The items on display of Jordan’s 28 participating companies included foodstuffs, oils, detergents, cables industry in addition to products from the packaging sector.

The fair represents an opportunity for participants to gather and get to know major firms, national, regional and global small and medium enterprises among others.

Source: Jordan News Agency