Jordan’s Independence beginning of a new era: Muslim Brotherhood Society

Amman, The Muslim Brotherhood Society (MBS) said the Independence Day, which Jordanians celebrate on May 25, every year, is a new era for construction.

In a statement on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Kingdom’s independence put out on Friday, the MBS said ” as we celebrate this day, the country’s security, independence and unity are the firm pillars of stability, which survived for long periods the region’s volatilities and crises.” The MBS lauded the key role of the Hashemite leadership to achieve Jordan’s security and sovereignty of its decision despite the enormous pressures exerted on the country to embrace various regional agendas.

The MBS noted the anniversary of independence is a glorious occasion in which all take pride of the brave Jordanian Arab army, which has always been at the forefront to defend the Kingdom and its soil.

The MBS called on the Jordanians to show unwavering solidarity behind the Hashemite leadership to thwart schemes of those who plot against Jordan’s sovereignty and independence.

Source: Jordan News Agency