Jordanian-Turkish ties to witness fresh leap: says envoy

Turkish Ambassador to Amman, Mourad Karagoz, said Jordanian-Turkish relations will witness a fresh leap, especially as the two countries’ new governments are keen to give them a push forward.

During a press conference held Sunday at the embassy on the 2nd anniversary of the failed coup attempt in Turkey, he noted the Turkish leadership and people will not forget Jordan’s stance with his country during that period.

The Turkish ambassador highlighted Fathullah Gulen’s involvement in the coup, and added about 95 cases are linked to the coup attempt, which the Turkish judiciary is still considering.

On the coup aftermath, Karagoz said Turkey had managed to overcome the crisis of the coup attempt “very quickly” and succeeded in completing its development projects, achieving an economic growth of 7.4%.

On the political front, he confirmed his country’s adherence to democracy as the presidential elections were recently conducted, and said the turnout in the parliamentary vote stood at 88%.

As for ties with Amman, he said the bilateral relations are “excellent,” as His Majesty King Abdullah II and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held four meetings during the past 11 months, and maintain continuous contacts.

He stressed the Turkish embassy has worked to attract Turkish investments to Jordan, and highlighted efforts aimed to boost economic, tourism and cultural relations between the two countries.

He expressed his country’s support for Jordan, especially with regard to the Hashemite guardianship over Al-Aqsa Mosque and the two countries share concerns on the American position on the Palestinian issue in light of the extreme right-wing Israeli government and its violations in the Palestinian territories.

Source: Jordan News Agency