Jordanian medical team provides treatment to 570 Rohingya refuges

Amman, A Jordanian medical team provided treatment to 570 Rohingya refugees in refugee camps in the city of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

The Jordanian team provided the medical services along with a medical team formed by “Physicians Across Continents” and included doctors and nurses from Saudi Arabia, Syria and Palestine.

“The delegation, which included doctors, dentists and nurses, carried out 30 operations in various specialties, most of which were for children,” said member of the Jordanian Medical Association Munir Shawagfeh.

He added that 76 patients underwent medical tests and were treated at the dental clinic, and that 70 patients were transferred from refugee camps to Cox’s Bazar to complete tests and treatments in specialized clinics.

Physicians Across Continents (PAC) is an international medical humanitarian organization that provides high quality medical care to patients and peoples affected with crises and disasters, regardless of their race, religion and country.

Source: Jordan News Agency