Jordanian-Kuwaiti Brotherhood Committee meets ambassador Al-Dueij

Amman-Jordanian-Kuwaiti Brotherhood Committee at the Parliament, headed by its chair Haitham Alzaidin, on Tuesday met Kuwaiti Ambassador, Hamad Al-Dueij, for talks on ways to further foster pan-Arab parliamentary cooperation and to reach unanimous stances to serve the two countries’ mutual interests.

Alzaidin, during a visit to the Kuwaiti embassy here, lauded relations as “longstanding, historic and an exemplary model to follow suit”.

He highlighted rigorous economic burdens and repercussions the country is battling due to the Syrian refugee ordeal.

On this crucial issue, he urged the international community to increase its financial aid to the Kingdom to alleviate these diverse refugee ramifications, and affirmed “Jordan is committed to press ahead with its humanitarian and moral efforts towards this plight”.

The envoy, on his part, commended Jordan’s pivotal role towards all Arab issues, particularly the refugee crisis.

Al-Dueij said the Kingdom’s security and stability tremendously and effectively contributed to attracting Kuwaiti investments to the various sectors, adding volume of trade exchange is at its best, compared to previous years.

Source: Jordan News Agency