Jordanian-German Parliamentary Committee emphasizes Amman-Berlin ‘deep-rooted ties’

Amman, Head of the Jordanian-German Parliamentary Friendship Committee, MP Issa Khashashneh, has underscored the strong relationship between Amman and Berlin, describing it as “historic and deep-rooted.”

During a meeting with a delegation from the German federal parliament (Bundestag) Tuesday, Khashashneh called for bolstering relations between the two sides in various parliamentary, economic, trade, tourism and investment fields, pointing out that Jordan is a safe and stable country and is considered a strategic center and base for launching investments in the region.

He also praised Germany for its support to the Kingdom, particularly in the education and water sectors, wishing for the support to extend to include technical colleges in Jordan as a forerunner in this field, in addition to increasing the scholarships provided by the German Government to Jordan.

He also called on Germany to increase its investments in Jordan, launch development and environmental projects, and strengthen water networks to enable Jordan to serve Syrian refugees in different governorates.

Khashashneh touched on the impact of the Syrian refugee waves on the Kingdom and its ramifications on the infrastructure and the national economy.

In turn, the delegation commended the bilateral relations between the two countries, saying that Jordan is considered a strategic and important regional partner, in addition to being a factor of safety and stability.

Source: Jordan News Agency