Jordanian-European business forum held in Germany

Amman, Jordan and the European Union held a joint business forum in Germany as part of a signed agreement to simplify rules of origin for Jordanian exports to the EU nations, which entered into force in July 2016.

The two-day Jordanian-European forum in Frankfurt was organised by Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) in cooperation with the Investment Commission, the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Federation of German Chambers of Industry and Trade.

Representatives of Jordanian plastic, engineering, textiles, packaging, chemicals, cosmetics, metals and food industry firms met European importers as they sought to promote their products and find a place for themselves in European markets.

Jordanian businessmen also had the opportunity to meet their peers from 96 companies from Germany, Greece, Croatia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Ukraine and Poland, in which members of the Jordanian community in Frankfurt took part.

Jordanian companies also held meetings with several businessmen from Arab countries working in the German market and in neighboring European countries as well as with European companies to identify potential buyers in Germany and beyond in the bloc, who were agreed to in the agreement to relax the rules of origin.

In opening remarks, Jordan Chamber of Industry president Adnan Abul Ragheb said the Jordanian industrial sector is a key pillar of the national economy as it includes a variety of multiple products that meet international standards, accounts for 25 percent of GDP and 90 percent of the total national exports and is also the biggest employer in the Kingdom.

Source: Jordan News Agency