Jordanian-Algerian joint committee meetings kicks off

Algiers, Meetings of the Eighth session of the Joint Jordanian-Algerian Committee opened Monday in Algiers to look into prospects of cementing cooperation between the two countries in various domains.

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Transport, Inmar Khasawneh, who led Jordan’s delegation to the meetings, emphasized the need to lay down the basis that would enable the two sides to validate signed agreements.

He also voiced Jordan’s keen interest in sustaining the partnership with the North African Arab country and overcoming hurdles to trade exchange between the two countries.

Trade exchange between both countries stood at $185 million in 2016, compared to $131 million of the same period in 2015, figures, which, he said, underscored the urgent need to exert more joint efforts to raise them.

During the meeting, the Algerian side emphasized its eagerness to develop economic cooperation with Jordan in various domains to “serve the two countries’ joint interests”.

He also expressed hope that agreements will be reached to promote relations in different spheres, particularly trade and investment.

Source: Jordan News Agency