AMMAN, Jordan, Jordan will increase cost of electricity for all sectors, including industrial and households, as of Apr 1 (today), the government said, Saturday.

Price of kilowatt hour will be increased from 0.014 dinars to 0.015 dinars, on all sectors as of Apr 1, until the end of the month, Farouq Hiari, Chief Commissioner of the state-owned Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission, said.

The average price of a crude oil barrel in Mar, Feb and Jan, rose to 66.78 U.S. dollars per barrel, exceeding a 55 U.S. dollars cap, set by the government, to keep electricity tariffs unchanged.

Electricity prices are announced at the end of each month and are based on the average of crude oil, over the previous three months, according to Hiari.

The increase will affect all economic sectors, including the industrial and households.

But households that consume 300 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or less, will not witness any increase in their bills, according to the official.

Jordan, which imports 96 percent of its energy needs annually, is working on several energy projects, to increase reliance on oil shale and renewable energy, to reduce costs of electricity and meet rising demands.

Source: Nam News Network