Jordan take part in UN meeting on water

New York, Jordan took part in a high level meeting on water that was held at the UN Headquarters in New Yorks.

The meeting coincided with the launch of the International Decade for Action: Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028

and the World Water Day.

The meeting, which was attended by Minister of Water and Irrigation Ali Ghzawi on behalf of the prime minister, in addition to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres as well as heads of state, ministers and civil society institutions, discussed means to create a solid platform to advance cooperation and partnerships at all levels, and put a greater focus on the integrated management of water resources.

It also reviewed ways to find quick solutions to water-related challenges, including limited access to safe water and sanitation, increasing pressure on water resources and ecosystems, and an exacerbated risk of droughts and floods.

Source: Jordan News Agency