Jordan successfully transformed regional challenges into opportunities: Minister of Planning

Amman, April 2 (Petra)-Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Emad Fakhouri said Jordan has successfully maintained its stability despite the region’s volatilities and turned challenges into opportunities.

Speaking to a group of professors and students of the United States Army War College (USAWC), he called for further international aid to Jordan.

During the meeting, he briefed the guests on the country’s economic woes and repercussions of the regional turmoil, especially the hosting of large numbers of Syrian refugees.

Jordan has repeatedly called on the international community to assume its responsibilities and to increase aid through Jordan’s successive response plans, in a bid to achieve economic and social development, the minister said.

On Jordan’s development initiatives, he stressed the importance of the outcomes of the sectoral and national strategies, mainly Jordan’s 2025 initiatives, the provincial development programs, the economic growth stimulus plan, Jordan’s digital strategy, the national strategy of employment, and judicial reform plan.

As for the US aid, the minister voiced Jordan’s appreciation for the American government for increasing its aid to Amman, a bid that will support national reform and development programs, alleviate the financial burdens triggered by the Syrian crisis and regional turbulence on the national economy.

In this regard, he said the US administration has finally allocated $1.525 billion to the country, including economic and military assistance, and said this aid significantly surpassed what was agreed in the memorandum of understanding for the years (2018 – 2022), signed by the two sides in February.

This aid underscores depth of the strategic partnership between the two friendly countries and the US recognition of Jordan’s pivotal role in the region and the world as a voice for peace and moderation, and a bid to alleviate its economic burdens, he added.

For their part, the delegation praised Jordan’s pivotal role towards refugees and its programs of reform, modernization and comprehensive development.

Source: Jordan News Agency