Jordan slams Israeli PM’s Hebron annexation plans

Amman, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has inveighed against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements on his intention to extend Israeli sovereignty over Hebron in the occupied West Bank and the so-called “Kiryat Arba” settlement, located on the outskirts of Hebron.

Head of the Operations Center at the Ministry, Ambassador Sufian al-Qudah, stressed that such statements run counter to the international law and international legitimacy and its resolutions.

He called on the international community and the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities and take measures to coerce Israel into respecting the international law and relevant UN resolutions, warning that the annexation directions that have recently been put forward by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will eliminate any viable chances for peace on the basis of the two-state settlement, and will plunge the whole region into further violence and fuel conflict.

Source: Jordan News Agency