Jordan seeks more COVID-19 vaccines, says army official

Director of the Coronavirus Crisis Management Cell, Mazen Faraya, said Tuesday that the Jordanian government is working on bringing into the country more COVID-19 vaccines to combat the highly contagious respiratory disease.


In a press release in the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM), Faraya urged the people to sign up to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by visiting “” and listing their names, highlighting the importance of wearing masks and observing social distancing.


He said the NCSCM has contacted more than 10,000 applicants via SMS messages to be vaccinated. The message will specify the date and venue of the vaccination.


A call center will soon be established to help those who encounter technical difficulties, he said, highlighting that the number of applicants has increased sharply in the last couple of days.


He pointed out that there is cooperation and continued communication between the NCSCM and the medical centers to oversee and regulate vaccination across the Kingdom.


“It doesn’t look as if the pandemic will end anytime soon even with a vaccine, as the vaccine is a part of an integrated system that leads to a return to normalcy, Faraya explained.


Source: Jordan News Agency


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