Jordan makes reservations on the Arab refugee convention

Jordan has expressed reservations over the draft of Arab Convention on Regulating Status of Refugees in the Arab Countries during the 5th meeting of the ad hoc joint committee composed of experts and representatives of justice and interior ministries in the Arab world to study the bill.

On the deliberations, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League Fadel Jawad said the committee’s meeting comes in implementation of the decision of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice to study feedback on the draft agreement.

The committee was formed within context of the Arab League’s efforts to revive and revamp the Arab Convention for the Regulation of the Status of Refugees, a key move aimed to address the phenomenon of the influx of refugees in the Arab world during this period and to tackle challenges of the mass exodus of millions of Arabs as a result of regional volatilities.

Jordan’s reservation to article B, paragraph (3), of the draft convention is related to the definition of a “refugee” as stated in the Minister of Interior’s letter on 5/2/2018.

On a related context, the reservation to article 14 of the convention was lifted as a paragraph under which a mechanism was set up to identify refugee-triggered burdens.

Source: Jordan News Agency