Jordan’s King Abdullah and US President, Donald Trump, held talks at the White House, covering the two countries’ strategic partnership, and regional and international development.

During expanded talks, which were preceded by a meeting at the Oval Office, attended by Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Melania Trump, King Abdullah expressed Jordan’s appreciation for the United States’ support, in economic and military areas, as well as, for economic development programmes.

The expanded talks, attended by senior officials on both sides, covered economic and financial challenges Jordan is facing, which are caused by regional crises, and the reforms and economic programmes the Kingdom is undertaking, to overcome these challenges.

The talks also covered regional developments, foremost of which are the Palestinian cause, the Syrian crisis, and efforts to achieve peace and bolster security and stability in the region.

Discussing the peace process, the King stressed, the two-state solution, which guarantees the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, on Palestinian national soil, with East Jerusalem as its capital, is the only way to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and it is the cornerstone of achieving security and stability in the region.

The King underlined the importance of stepping up efforts to push the peace process forward by relaunching serious and effective negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis, leading to just and lasting peace.

The King’s talks with President Trump also covered overall conditions in the region, as well as, regional and international efforts to fight terrorism within a holistic approach.

At the Oval Office meeting, the King and President Trump, in brief remarks to the press, affirmed the deep ties of friendship and partnership between the two countries.

For his part, President Trump said, “It is a great honour to have the King and Queen of Jordan with us. They’re friends, we’ve known each other now for quite a while, long before this. But you have done an incredible job on the refugees and the camps and taking care of people. Our nations have a very good relationship. The job you do on the humanitarian basis is fantastic, and I would like to thank you very much,” he added.

Responding to questions on the Middle East, President Trump said, “We’re doing very well in the Middle East. A lot of progress has been made in the Middle East, a lot. And it really started with the end of the horrible Iran deal. That deal was a disaster, and things are a lot different since we ended that. A lot different.

Source: NAM News Network