Jordan Forex Expo 2018 kicks off

Amman, The16th edition of Jordan Forex Expo 2018 kicked of Tuesday in Amman with the participation of local and international experts in foreign exchange markets (Forex).

The expo, which is attended by 50 international and Arab financial services companies and banks operating in Forex, metals and stocks, is aimed at updating the participants on the instructions to regulate operations in foreign stock exchanges and familiarizing them with new exchange strategies, in order to enable them provide services.

The expo was organized by Afaq Media in cooperation with the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC).

JSC Chairman, Mohammed Hourani, said that the commission is continuously keeping abreast of what is applied in the international financial markets, and is working to develop the legislative and regulatory framework and provide a safe and attractive investment environment.

He underscored that the JSC had exerted efforts at the legislative level to regulate dealing in foreign stock exchanges. A law was issued in 2017 to regulate the work of financial services companies in foreign exchanges, and to regulate their dealings in securities, which created a balance between the protection of investors and the opening of the technical and operational creativity witnessed by the techniques of trading in the Forex markets.

During the two-day meeting, the participants will discuss the legal and legislative environment for Forex in Jordan, the opportunities provided by the financial markets and the challenges facing them, as well as the laws governing the Forex environment.

Furthermore, the meeting will highlight database for rules and crypto currency, in addition to transaction strategies and techniques in Forex markets, the role of the central banks in improving the performance of these markets and the role of local brokers.

Participants in the expo underscored that the JSC has been abreast of the international developments with regard to laws regulating the dealings of Forex.

Source: Jordan News Agency