Jordan doesn’t want terrorist organizations or sectarian militias on its borders

Amman, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatiates spokesman Ambassador, Mohammad al-Kayed, said that Jordan does not want terrorist organizations or sectarian militias on its borders, and will take all necessary steps to protect its security and interests.

Al-Kayed stressed that de-escalation zone in southern Syria came to end the bloodshed in the neighboring country.

He added that the zone also came as a move towards a blanket ceasefire on the Syrian territories, which preserves Syria’s unity.

Al-Kayed told Petra that convoys crossing the borders with Syria are affiliated to the U.N. and under its bodies supervision.

” Through the Amman Centre for Ceasefire Control in southern Syria the Russians were informed of violations and movements by terrorists in southern Syria”, al-Kayed said.

He stressed that Jordan continues to work with the United States, Russia and all concerned countries to reach a political solution to end the Syria crisis on the basis of the UN resolution 2254.

Source: Jordan News Agency