Jordan, China have potential for closer economic cooperation, says Chinese envoy.. 1st add

“There is an interest in the Kingdom’s infrastructure projects, and we are open to discussing finance of any kind of projects, and also interested in investing in Jordan. We hope to soon reach an agreement in the field of funding mega projects in the energy and fuel production sector,” Weifang added.

Weifang said that China looks at Jordan as a country of opportunities, as it enjoys many advantages as a stable and secure country that signed free trade agreements with the United States, Canada, the European Union and Singapore.

It also is a signatory to the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, in addition to being a regional hub for several countries, and that China is keen to invest in the Kingdom to benefit from these advantages.

He said that the Chinese companies are interested in launching investments in Jordan in many sectors, including commerce, industry, energy and infrastructure.

The ambassador also pointed out that China is investing in human resources development in the Kingdom through organizing academic and training programs, noting that the Chinese company of Huawei offers ICT training programs in Jordan, the latest of which was sighing a memorandum of understanding to establish three academies in cooperation with state universities to train some 3,000 Jordanian students.

Source: Jordan News Agency