Jordan blasts launch of ballistic missile at Riyadh

Amman- Jordan on Tuesday strongly condemned Yemeni Houthi militia’s attempt to target the Saudi Arabia capital, Riyadh, by launching a ballistic missile, and deemed it a denounced belligerent act.

Minister of State for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson, Mohammad Al-Momani, voiced Jordan’s unwavering support to Saudi Arabia in its efforts to counter recurrent aggressions initiated by the Houthi faction, and reiterated the Kingdom’s blasting of all military attacks targeting civil areas and intimidating innocent citizens.

Jordan, he said, unequivocally backs Saudi maneuvers to reach a peaceful settlement to the Yemeni crisis and concomitantly calls all Yemeni parties to ditch violence, and inter-confliction, and to resume negotiations, in a bid to resolve ongoing turmoil peacefully to shun the brotherly Yemen the precarious ramifications of in-fighting.

The Saudi army said today it intercepted a ballistic missile in the skies of Riyadh, fired by the Houthi militia.

Source: Jordan News Agency