Jordan, 1st in renewable energy investment in region — Minister

Amman, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Hala Zwati said on Saturday that Jordan has for the third year in a row retained its rank as first in providing a proper environment for investment in renewable energy among the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

The Kingdom ranked sixth in the world in renewable energy investment, she said in a press statement, noting that the result came in the Bloomberg annual report on the situation of renewable and clean energy in 2019.

Zwati said Jordan came sixth in the world, after India, Chile, Brazil, China and Kenya, in the survey of 104 countries, according to the report.

She pointed out that the Kingdom had attracted investments in the renewable energy sector amounting to 1450 MW of installed capacity, pointing out that it will be about 2400 MW by the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, at an estimated value of $3 billion.

The minister said that renewable energy is a key part of energy security in the Kingdom, and that about 14,500 subscribers have renewable energy systems to generate electricity, adding that beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund will have the benefit to install for free power-generating systems from solar energy.

Source: Jordan News Agency