Japan extends over $91K to build community center in Jerash camp

The Government of Japan extended a grant of US$91,538 to the United Palestinian Appeal (UPA) for the renovation of an old building to establish a community center in Jerash Palestinian refugee camp under a scheme called Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP).


A Grant Contract was signed Wednesday by SHIMAZAKI Kaoru, the Ambassador of Japan, and Saleem Zaru, the Executive Director of the UPA.


In a press statement, the Japanese embassy said that this grant assistance aims to establish a community center where the UPA will provide various activities such as education, healthcare and business development for residents of Jerash Palestinian Refugee Camp. Also, the community center will be used as a community space for social interaction among the residents.


Since its establishment in 1978, the UPA has implemented many development and humanitarian projects to empower Palestinians and improve their lives in Palestine, as well as the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. This project is expected to improve the wholesome and cultural living for Palestinian refugees and promote their socio-economic activities, the statement added.


At the signing ceremony, Ambassador SHIMAZAKI expressed his gratitude to the UPA’s great contribution to the society. “I sincerely hope that this project will have a big role in the security of their [Palestinian refugees] dignified life and improvement of their living conditions,” he indicated.


Under Japanese Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects, Japan has extended more than US$10 million for 150 projects to non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals, and local governments in Jordan since 1993.