Issawi conveys King’s condolences to family of victims of house fire in Mafraq

Under the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah, Royal Court Chief Yousef Issawi, on Saturday visited the family whose house was burned down in the village of Deir Warraq in the northern governorate of Mafraq, killing four of their children and injuring their mother with severe burns.


Issawi conveyed the condolences and sympathy of His Majesty the King to the families of the children, wishing their mother a speedy recovery.


During his visit and meeting with the father of the children, Khaled Mashaqba, Issawi said that King Abdullah instructed to follow up on the health condition of the mother of the children who lies on the recovery at Princess Basma Hospital, and to transfer her, if her health condition permits, to the Al-Hussein Medical City to complete treatment.


He added that the King also instructed that comprehensive maintenance and furnishing of the family home be carried out.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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