Israel expands settlement near Salfit

Israeli occupation bulldozers continue leveling and razing Palestinian lands in Kafr al-Dick town, west of Salfit province, in the West Bank with the aim to expand the illegal settlement of Eli Zahaf , a Palestinian source said.

“Leveling of lands is done for the sake of expanding the illegal settlement of “Aleh Zahav””, which witnesses an unprecedented growth in settlers numbers,” a statement by head of the Coordinator of the National and Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Salfit, Khalid Maali, said Monday.

Israeli High Planning Council affiliated with the Israeli Civil Administration, last Wednesday, approved construction of around 1,500 settlement houses, dozens of which to be in “Aleh Zahav” settlement, he added.

Such step is a flagrant violation under international law which considers the West Bank as occupied land and forbids the occupying power from using or building on its territories, he added.

Source: Jordan News Agency