Iraqi delegation visits National Capital Market Institutions

Amman, A delegation from the Iraqi parliament on Saturday visited the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) to check on recent developments in the national capital market and steps taken by the JSC and market institutions to develop regulatory and technical frameworks in place to enhance the investment climate.

JSC Chairman, Mohammad Hourani underlined the importance of mutual cooperation to achieve common goals and promote the economies of both countries.

He also discussed the JSC’s regulatory and supervisory role in developing the national capital market, promoting it and introducing a qualitative leap in the market as per latest international practices and standards.

Hourani reviewed main actions taken by the JSC to achieve these objectives and meet challenges facing the investment in securities.

The Iraqi MPs stressed the importance of cooperation between official entities in both countries to achieve economic integration and benefit from investment opportunities in them.

They also voiced the Iraqi Parliament’s support for all cooperation and coordination agreements signed between the two countries, as well as the importance of benefiting from Jordanian expertise in various fields.

Source: Jordan News Agency