Inter-Arab economic integration goes at slow pace: Qudah

Amman, Minister of Industry and Trade, Yarub Qudah, said the process of inter-Arab economic and social integration is going at a ” slow pace”.

Speaking to the inaugural session of the Economic and Social Council held in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Thursday, he warned the unstable conditions in the Arab region should not impede the integration bid.

As for Jordan’s efforts, the minister highlighted the country’s role during its presidency of the Arab Summit as it has worked on the implementation of significant recommendations that have a direct impact on the joint Arab economic action.

At the level of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, a call was launched to urge Arab countries to abide by the resolutions of the regular and developmental Arab summits and the Economic and Social Council related to this key accord, he said.

On the upcoming Arab summit, he said: We attach great hopes this event will lead to steps aimed to boost the process of Arab economic integration to achieve prosperity and prosperity for the Arab citizens.

Source: Jordan News Agency